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If you are planning on getting married to the love of your life anytime soon then this might just be one of the most helpful write-ups for you; additionally it could also help you make a trivial decision and eventually lay off the stress that couples often have during pre-marriage arrangements.

Latest trend chart shows videography as a rising choice amongst people than just the simple photo shoots and picture frames; couples prefer having all the moments and their actions on the reel!

Here’s why the biggest day of your life will need the Wedding Videographers Kent:

1. They offer a dynamic perspective of your wedding and you can witness your own marriage as motion pictures any time you want and innumerable times too.

2. While choosing the professionals, you have an advantage of browsing through their previous work and detailed editing.

3. Firms or professional often pay personal visits to have every detail in place before the actual event so that you are no longer disturbed for any information while you are being married!
4. They are professionals and thus they carry full public liability insurance that makes it none of your problems once you sign them.

5. Professional choice about wedding photographers East Sussex helps you and your guests solely concentrate on the enjoyment and thrill of the wedding!

6. Your choice of video making and how you want to represent your own wedding is their priority!

7. Customizing the videos to the customers likes is their goal.

8. Demonstrative videos or samples can even be arranged and emailed to you if you wish to see their previous assignments.

9. Sometimes there are discount offers and special packages available with professionals and you as a client can accordingly avail of it.

10.Best of the professional equipments would be hands on with the wedding videographer and that will ensure you amazing quality.

Along with quality cinematic videography for marriages and many such events, these professionals are known for their client servicing in East Sussex, Kent and many such pioneer places in London.

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Kent Wedding Awards Winners

Winners of The Kent Wedding Awards 2013

Winners of The Kent Wedding Awards 2013

2013 winners of The Kent Wedding Awards – We like to thank all the Brides and Grooms that have helped us to becomes winners!

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Wedding videographer Surrey – Know all the facts and get benefited

AJfacebook-021Like every other aspect of wedding, photography too plays an important role. Hiring a photographer for your special day is a rage these days. In a nutshell, it is all about knowing all the facts so that you are able to hire a proficient one. And the best way to relish your special moments is receiving the core of the wedding caught by a talented photographer. Gone are the days when one of your family members had to hold the camera during the entire wedding. It is all about hiring an excellent photographer and having fun these days.

Market of Wedding videographer Kent is very wide. You need to select one as per your need and financial plan. Without a shred of doubt, you can say that you can avail a lot of advantages by hiring them. They know their work so they can suggest a lot of ideas so that you are able to get excellent results. They also know the different lighting conditions and hence they are able to deliver reliable quality kind of product. They are able to capture all the beautiful moments. Check for all these things and then only select the photographer.

A good photographer knows all the intricacies attached to the photography. Through understanding the different facets of photography they are able to plan things in order to achieve the best captures.

The assortment of an excellent wedding videographer Surrey expresses of their experiences and the indications of their works. Always go for experienced and skillful photographers even if they cost you little more.  As you all know that these cameramen will make up for it by supplying photos that you treasure for a lifetime. As well, you need to develop a rapport with the photographer before the wedding. Have a look at all these things prior to the wedding so that you do not have to regret later. And you know that wedding day cannot be recreated again. So, hire a perfect professional and skilled videographer and make your wedding a most beautiful moment of your life.

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Wedding Videographer Essex: How to Choose a professional Videographer?

PAW (233 of 667) Weddings are the most magical and an event to remember for any couple. But how would they keep the memories alive forever? By capturing the videos of their wedding, they can relive the moments again and again.

Hiring Wedding Videographer Essex who is a professional is a good idea because these professionals will know better how to capture videos well. Professionals are not only good at their work, but they are also accredited which makes it easier to trust them for their work.

Here are a few major points that you should keep in mind while hiring a Wedding Videographer Kent:

1. See all their work: A proper way to know whether the videographer would be best for your wedding or not is to view all their work. Check all relevant factors, including their DVD covers, their sound quality and their video quality. Also see whether they spend more time in covering too many events. Prolific videographers might not be that good for your wedding because they wouldn’t be able to devote much time.

2. Do they use professional equipment? For a good quality video the equipment used by the videographers should also be high end. Broadcast quality video cameras are the best ones as they will give the clearest videos.

3. Check whether they have the right accreditations? Find out whether the videographer has the right accreditations and the right certifications to carry out their work. Only certified and professional videographers can give the best videos-worth your money and your time.

4. Word of mouth and testimonials: Before selecting any kind of videographer, find out from friends, colleagues and acquaintances whether the preferred videographer is reputed or not. Since nowadays most of them have their own websites, you can also check on the net and find out how other users or previous clients rate them on their services.

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Wedding Photographers Surrey: Choose a local photographer for the best snaps

preparations2smallWeddings are special moments in everybody’s lives. This is why many people like to relive those with the help of photographs or videos taken on those occasions. But to keep those memories alive, you will need to choose a good and local photographer. There are many benefits of choosing Wedding Photographers Surrey.

Even the sheer number of choices in the local market can leave you thoroughly confused. So, word of mouth should be believed. Talk to friends and acquaintances about any photographers they have known and liked his or her work. In fact, it would be best to choose someone who has used their services. Check their work and then decide whether you can invest in him or her.

A local photographer who is based in Essex or Surrey will know which the greatest places for unique photographs are. Being localized also helps them get access to many places. That is why before you search the net for Wedding Photographers East Sussex, you need to check your local listings about the wedding photographers available here.

Hiring a local photographer will also be a much cheaper bet than bringing one from a faro-off place. You would save a lot of money here. Also, before hiring one photographer, check the kind of work he has covered before. It is always better to choose a photographer who has specialized in wedding photography instead of someone who just covers general ones.

Check their portfolio and earlier work to gauge the kind he or she does best in. At the end of the day experience always matters. Don’t go for someone who has covered tons of weddings, but settle down with a photographer with not too many assignments under his belt. The quality will be compromised to a large extent if he has to be in too many places at a time.preparations8small

Also, specify the lighting and camera that you would require. Most experienced photographers generally carry their own lighting and will choose a camera as per your choice. But you should always ask for a DSLR because the photography quality is thousands of times better than with a normal digital camera. Also, don’t forget to ask for the quotes beforehand and compare with others to select the costs most affordable for you.

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Professional Wedding Photography- Brings Lots Of Fun And Happiness

Everyone has got plans for their wedding. And it would not be wrong to say that for one of the most important days of anyone’s life, everything needs to be perfect.

The clips and photos are key elements in this event and in order to get Perfect Wedding Videos, it is always necessary to hire some experts and professionals that can capture all beautiful moments of the day in some unique and amazing way.

People usually don’t want to spend their entire day in posing for the photographs and that is why the experts use natural poses. In short they make use of their Professional Wedding Photography skills. The wedding filmmakers and agencies are very good at doing all this with an ease. The way these people capture the ambience and encapsulate the moments let all the friends, relatives and the couple to enjoy each and every part of the day.

Are there any special packages that one can have?

Of course, there are. In fact the professional agencies have got packages for different clients as per the budget, so that everyone can have fun and some of the unforgettable moments of the wedding day. They have got different marryoke themes and ideas for people and prepare the video DVD’s in a specific manner.

What kind of equipments they use?

The affordable excellence that the couple can get for that beautiful day is now easily available with some of the reputed companies providing wedding photography. To capture the Perfect Wedding Video, the experts use latest HD video cameras and some of the best microphones to get a crystal clear sound quality.

The entire wedding is shot as well as edited with the inclusion of music selected by the clients. The clips are just like the modern cinematic movies.

Not only this, but the photos and videos are shared online so that the friends and relatives are able to share the joy with the couple. In nutshell, it can be said that Professional Wedding Photography can change the theme of the day from a boring event to fun-filled memories that a couple and family can cherish lifelong.

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The fun of Wedding Marryokes in Kent

preparations2smallIt is about this day that almost every one of us would have had dreams about; the day when we have something old and new, something that we would borrow and hold something blue. It is that day when we think will be the witness of our own fairytales becoming an actuality.

While a marriage can be about the communion of two souls promising each other the companionship and togetherness for the rest of their lives, weddings are all about the celebrations and raising a toast to those wonderful people in the communion and thus creating memories of a life time.

There are fun ways to create those memories and what more best way could it be other than singing and dancing to our choice of music? That’s exactly what ‘Marryoke’ does!

Marryoke is a trending concept in the weddings marryokes where friends and relatives at the wedding party, why, even the bride and groom themselves could mime and dance to the song of their choice which are filmed and edited in a way to seem as though the guests are performing the song themselves. The term ‘Marryoke’ is itself the mishmash of the word and concept ‘karaoke’ as the participants lip sync the song to match that of the original singer.

Though the Marryoke is part of the wedding celebrations on the special day but the spirit of the video is in capturing the guests in their candid moments and what best way could it be done other than capturing them at pre wedding parties like hen party or bachelor parties- since, evidently that is where you can catch them go wild!

The Marryoke in Kent is becoming so popular that the wedding videographers in the area are now coming up with attractive packages and of course with innovative ideas to give our memories that life when we really want to go back and relive it. The song, the music can be the choice of ours but the fun and laughs could be that of our guests professionally facilitated by these videographers.

So, why wait, book a videographer for Marryoke in Kent and let loose yourself, friends and family to celebrate your wedding with a difference and have a brilliant keepsake too.

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Wedding Marryokes – Marryoke in Kent, Essex and Surrey

Spring Offer! Free wedding marryoke

Spring Offer! Free wedding marryoke

Spring is upon us! So I will-Weddings are giving you a special spring offer!

If you book our combination photo and video package 3, we will give you a free upgrade to include a marryoke of all your family and friends singing along to a song of your choice!
That’s a massive saving of £499!

Come look at our wedding marryokes page to see what fun and laughs you too can have.

So if you are getting married in Kent, Essex, Sussex or Surrey this year and you want your wedding memories to be a little different, come look at our site!

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Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer in Kent

wedding photographer in kent , Essex and Surrey

wedding photographer in kent , Essex and Surrey

At I Will Weddings we have over 10 years experience in being a full time professional wedding photographer Kent and wedding videographer in Kent.

We have the experience that counts when you are looking for a Wedding Photographer Kent that will make your wedding in Kent perfect.

If you look at our portfolio of wedding photography work and wedding videos, you will see that we offer an exclusive luxury joint wedding photographer Kent and wedding videos service in Kent at competitive rates.

We offer both these services for one great price. Every single minor detail is covered to make your wedding in Kent complete.

Our wedding photographer will cover everything from the bride preparations, the groom arriving with his entourage of best men to the venue, the bride arriving at the venue, wedding register signings, speeches and then finally the cutting of the cake.

Every wedding is different so if you have some bespoke requirements we are more than welcome to assist you. Take a look at our wedding photographergallery and our wedding videographer reels to see a showcase of just some of the beautiful weddings we have done throughout Kent.

Choose I Will Weddings to help you create the most important day in your life.

Wedding photographer and videographer now with Marryoke in Kent

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Wedding Videographers

Providing stunning memories as moving and still images for one affordable price. We both have a passion for what we do and our enthusiasm will reflect in achieving your perfect wedding day.

We cover the whole event and pay particular attention to all the finer details which you have planned for your big day. With so much going on it can become a bit of a blur so we cover all aspects of the day producing both natural and formal memories of you and your guests.

i will weddings are a full-time professional wedding photography and videography service.

Don’t settle for a weekend amateur wedding photographer or videographer, take a look at our prices and see that we offer a superior wedding photography and videography service at very competitive prices.

Look at our Wedding Photos and Wedding Videos and see how much we offer.

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